Home Automation

With the KNX protocol, your home is transformed into what you have always dreamed of. Our vision of home automation is based on the efficient, personalized and environmentally friendly interaction of each component.

Home Automation

Connect your home

Home automation transforms your home into a smart and connected space. Thanks to the KNX protocol, you can enjoy an innovative solution that can make your life more convenient and efficient. Control your appliances and lighting remotely, manage temperature, blinds, and alarms automatically. Customized home automation system adapts to your individual needs. Choose home automation and open the door to a connected future where technology enhances comfort and promotes energy efficiency.

Home Automation

BMS or Webserver installation

In combination with a home automation system, the installation of a Building Management System (BMS) or Web Server allows a graphical representation of the home or building in which you wish to implement it, enabling the control and management of the various spaces remotely. This solution allows you to create consumption graphs, monitor the efficiency of the systems and check the correct functioning of all components. Through a single graphical interface, it is possible to make systems of different types and origins communicate, ensuring that they work in harmony. From the design phase to implementation, all managed by a single intermediary.

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Home Automation

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