Special facilities

If you’re looking for a professional who specializes in making intercom and video intercoms, or creating custom digital terrestrial and satellite TV antenna installations, you’ve come to the right place. We offer effective and professional solutions that can meet all kinds of needs.

Special facilities

Customized intercom, video intercom and TV systems

We make special custom installations, including intercoms, video intercoms, and television installations. With our extensive experience, we offer customized solutions that can meet even the most complex requirements. We provide high-quality and secure intercoms and video intercoms. Get your favorite channels with our digital and satellite TV systems. Improve your property’s systems with solutions tailored to you.

Special facilities

Automated gates, barriers and sectional gates

b.elettronica is committed to offering a wide range of services dedicated to the installation and maintenance of automations for gates, barriers and sectional doors. Our highly qualified team is committed to providing a complete service, including installation of innovative systems, ongoing technical support and preventive maintenance to ensure reliable operation over time.

Special facilities

Industrial and hotel access control

Our specialised company offers a complete design, installation and maintenance service for access control systems on pedestrian and vehicle access points. We use advanced technologies such as RFID badges, biometric recognition and number plate reading, customised to meet the specific needs of our customers. We provide solutions for a wide range of contexts, including bed and breakfasts, hotels and accommodation facilities with dozens of accommodations. Our main goal is to ensure security and efficiency in every situation.

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Industrial plants

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Special facilities

Anti-theft devices


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Fire detection

Structured cabling


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